Friday, September 17, 2010

My Home

I live with a Korean friend in a small house in Seoul. It's not a big house by any means, but it's a hose. And it's a good feeling to have one, even if I'm sharing and just renting it. I like it despite both the floors and the walls being uneven. ^ ^

Where our house is. It's a backstreet and it's the first on the left. ^^

The door through which you step when you enter our house.

The door you see leads in to the bathroom.

To the left when you come into the house, is my room.

It's very small, but I like it all the same.

If you look straight from the entrance you will see...

a bookcase and ...

our kitchen table / my computer desk. XD

If you go further in, you will see the kitchen on the right. Gas cookers heat up FAST. Just saying.

To the left is Jinha's bedroom,

which also has our closet. ^^

I didn't take photos of the entrance/small hall... it's basically just a small rectangle that's for taking off your shoes.


  1. It's looking excellent! Too bad you didn't take any pictures of the "exceedingly small hall"... And are the windows "full west"? Geddit? Geddit?

  2. It doesn't look bad at all. Looks very clean. :)

  3. Elise:
    Hehe, the windows are very small, so it doesn't matter. Unfortunately. =P

    Linn: Well, we cleaned the place thoroughly when we moved in. XD And I intend to keep it clean.