Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bbang vs. Bread

I like Korean food, but bread is probably my favourite food. It's quick to prepare, you can have almost anything on it, and in reasonable amounts it's healthy and a good source of fibre and other nutrients.

The bread of which I am speaking is Norwegian bread. Korean bread (bbang), however, isn't what Norwegians would call bread. Usually, bbang is made with sugar and refined flour. They also like to put nuts and fruit in their bbang. Even if you order garlic bbang with cheese, or a sandwich with egg, you are likely to get bbang that contains sugar, with added syrup on top. Yum. To me, that cannot really be called bread - that is called baked goods. Ergo, I would argue that Koreans don't really have a term for bread.

Why am I writing about this? Well, we are learning about what foods are healthy and not healthy. The teacher, of course, termed bread as unhealthy - I disagreed. But then, I was referring to what Norwegians call bread, not Korean bbang. XD We were asked to talk about healthy Norwegian food, how it is made and how it is eaten. And because of that, I REALLY want to go to Norway and have Norwegian bread.

I'd like bread with brown cheese and cucumber; Norvegia cheese with lettuce, or grapes, or cucumber lettuce and tomato; liver pate with mayo; mackerel in tomato sauce; fish pudding with (Norwegian) caviare; eggs with (Norwegian) caviare; low fat cream cheese (though Korean Philadelpia's strawberry is very good); prim; hapå; and the likes. =( I haven't even eaten most of these things in over three years, but now I really, really want to eat them. With a nice cup of tea. I have tea here, but eating breakfast the family and having tea is something I really miss. =(

I'm going to go now and think of Norwegian bread...


  1. Har du prøvd Paris Baguettes' "Omega and Grain". Den er god. Det sunneste brødet jeg har funnet i Korea tror jeg.

  2. Paris Baguette har bare brød med mye sukker. Jeg pleier å kjøpe usukret brød hos Homeplus. Jeg vet også at det er godt brød på Continental. =) Homeplus brødet er helt ok, men ikke helt det samme som norsk brød. Det er mest pålegget jeg savner. =)

  3. Kan sende deg oppskrift på brød jeg! :P Må forresten ha adressen din! så fint om du kunne sende meg en mail eller beskjed på face... :)

  4. So, I got myself a blog (not that I'm going to write anything in it) so I can finally comment in here.
    Thanks for the call! It was kinda awesome to hear your voice again. :) I'm glad you're doing good, even if things are rather hectic right now.
    Hope I'll see you online soon!

  5. Brødlengsel! Det er nesten verre enn hjemlengsel.